Good news for Westinghouse Company in Egypt, as it provides spare parts for its products. As well as customer service, and technical support, as well as home repair and replacement of spare parts, as well as home maintenance

Westinghouse Electric Corporation

The Westinghouse Electric Company was founded by George Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1886. The company became active in developing electrical infrastructure throughout the United States. The company’s largest plants are located in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Leicester, Pennsylvania, and in Hamilton, Ontario, where they manufacture turbines, generators, engines, and switching equipment for the generation, transmission, and use of electricity. In addition to George Westinghouse, the early engineers working for the firm were Frank Conrad, Benjamin Garver Lamy, Oliver B. Schallenberger, William Stanley Jr., Nikola Tesla, Stephen Tymoshenko and Vladimir Zworykin.

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Westinghouse Egypt phone number

  • 19032
  • 01220804060
  • 01000550048
  • 01000127038

Services offered by Westinghouse in Egypt

  • Providing spare parts for Westinghouse products
  • Westinghouse products sales
  • Home repair and maintenance for its products
  • Technical support and customer service
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